Welcome to the Eternal Void

A no rules Minecraft server operating on the following principles:

  • No admin intervention: Players are free to build or grief as they please.
  • No moderators: No players on the server have any moderator commands / tools / abilities.
  • Always on the latest version of Minecraft.
  • Vanilla Parity: We try to keep all mechanisms and farms that work on Vanilla working on the server

Server IP: eternalvoid.org

Discord: discord.gg/q6CJCD8

Wiki: eternalvoid.miraheze.org


Every aspect of the server design is intended to provide an exceptional gaming experience.

  • Cloud proxy, with i7 powered backend server for excellent performance.
  • No queue to join the server.
  • 20tps / 100% uptime very typical.
Plugins & Quality of Life
  • Minimal AntiCheat protections - Speed & Fly; Unfettered access to Elytra+
  • Anti-Portal trap plugin: After standing in a Nether Portal for 30 seconds, the player will be teleported to a random spot around spawn. Useful for fast travel to spawn.
  • Nether Roof open, with a twist: Players receive damage on the nether roof unless under beacon effects.
  • Player Heads: Players have a 5% chance of dropping their heads when killed.
  • Mob heads: Mobs have a chance of dropping their heads when killed. Vanilla Wither Skeleton skull drops.
  • Enchanted Golden Apples are craftable.
  • Choose your client version: Players can connect to the server with versions 1.12 through to 1.18.x

About Us

We originally started with the Enchanted Sword anarchy Minecraft server running on 1.14. A highly praised anarchy server that fell into ruin as item dupes ruined the economy beyond repair.

We founded Eternal Void in Sep 2021 to provide an unparalleled anarchy experience using all of our knowledge gained from running a critically acclaimed anarchy server for over a year and a half.

Contact the admins by joining our discord or directly through DMs:

  • Daenningas (Server Owner)  @Daenningas#7930

  • OFuchs (Administrator)  @Fuchs#9608

  • nvenner (Administrator)  @fold(x;xs,g)=g(x,fold(xs,g))#3376

Happy gaming!